Amateurverein aus London sucht Gegner in Hamburg am 3. Juni

I am a member of an amateur football club in South London, called South Bank Cuaco FC. We are a large community club with 6 teams, and every summer we have a tour where we play opposition abroad.

This year we are coming to the wonderful city of Hamburg.
Unfortunately we have just received very bad news from the team of ex-pats we were scheduled to play during our trip. They have had to pull out of the game, and this has really ruined our plans for the tour. The football match is the highlight of our tour and without it there is no fun!
We are really struggling to find a local amateur team in Hamburg who will help us by giving us a game on the required date. I am hoping you will be able to provide us with opposition.
The details – we arrive in Hamburg on Thursday 1st June. We are ideally looking for 2 teams to play us on Saturday 3rd June during the day. But, we could be flexible if we could find a team that wanted to play on Thursday or Friday day/evening. We leave on Sunday.
The other problem we have is that the pitch / referee for our cancelled game was booked through the opposition, so we do not have anything booked. Any help that a team could provide with this would be greatly appreciated. We would obviously be willing to pay all the necessary cost.

Tawfique Choudhury

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